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A loan or mortgage involves high monthly payments. It may happen that there are lenders that have lowered their interest rates over time, so that this interest rate is lower than the interest you currently pay. This can be the case after a few years, especially with long-term loans.

In such a situation, switching your loan may be interesting. Our company is a credit intermediary that can assist you in the transfer of your loan by acting as a broker between you and your new lender.

The transfer of a loan takes place as follows: you conclude a new loan with another lender at a lower interest rate . You then use the borrowed credit to redeem your current loan in one go. Now you only have a loan with your new lender, where you pay lower monthly payments for repayment. The interest costs are lower and the total amount has remained the same!

Take out a new loan with us

In addition to the help you receive when you take out a loan, we also help you to take out a new loan. Consider, for example, taking out a personal loan for the purchase of a car or motorcycle. In this case you are faced with one-off, high costs.

Not every consumer has this amount ready, so you can use some extra budget. In this case, the personal loan is only taken out to cover the purchase of the product. With a personal loan you benefit from a fixed interest rate and a fixed repayment term.

It is the goal of us to find the cheapest possible personal loan for the costs you have to pay. Here us looks at the credit you want, your financial capacity and your past in the financial field.

This credit intermediary then submits your application to various lenders, who can then make an offer. The best offer is then played by this provider, on the basis of which you can make a definitive choice.

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