Wednesday Child: Lunch Plans for Lucas


(WNDU) – Teens need a lot of advice and support. And teens in foster care are no different. They have the same hopes and dreams as other teenagers. They even have the same appetites.

Lucas, 13, is a big fan of cooking.

“I like pretty much any food,” Lucas said. “Yes, I like any food.”

Lucas is an easy going teenager who has his list of favorites.

“I like cheeseburgers. It is my favorite among all the foods. My favorite vegetable would be Brussels sprouts. My favorite fruit would be the banana. I love bananas, ”Lucas said.

He also has his favorite animals.

“My favorite animal is a turtle,” Lucas said. “I mean, they’re adorable. Who doesn’t love turtles? Especially when they are babies, their eyes are twice the size of their heads.

Lucas hopes to find an active family, who will play with him.

“There are a lot of things that I do. I play a lot of video games, ”Lucas said. ” I like to go out. There are a lot of things that I love to do outdoors. There’s not a single thing I wouldn’t like on the outside, ”Lucas said. “Except for the insects. I hate bugs.

As for sport?

“I like certain sports,” Lucas said. “The ones I really like are soccer, basketball, soccer.”

Lucas is a wonderful boy who is also very kind. He wants to be a police officer one day so he can help people.

“People should know about me is that I’m pretty much – I’m not bad, I’m very nice,” Lucas said.

If you want to learn more about Lucas, click on this link to Indiana Adoption Program.

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