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The Chandler Police Department released what it said was all records of its investigation into the death of Charles Vallow on Wednesday, uncovering new details about the case that has attracted international attention.

Lori Vallow Daybell and her husband Chad Daybell face multiple charges, including first degree murder and conspiracy, in a string of deaths in Idaho and Arizona. In addition to the murder of Charles Vallow, the couple were charged with the deaths of Vallow’s two children, Joshua “JJ” Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 16, as well as Chad’s first wife, Tammy Daybell.

Tammy Daybell was found dead in 2019, and the children’s bodies were found in Chad Daybell’s backyard in 2020.

Several months before his death in 2019, Charles Vallow filed for divorce from Lori Vallow in Maricopa County Superior Court, where he alleged that she threatened to kill him.

A protective order Vallow filed against his wife in February 2019 was included in the files released on Wednesday and provided more details on the alleged threats.

“She told me that she was GOD and that she had been commissioned to do the work of the 144,000 at the Second Coming of Christ in July 2020,” Charles Vallow wrote. “She said I was on the way and that she should murder me if I tried to stop her.”

Charles Vallow said his wife called him the next day, January 30, 2019, and “told me she didn’t trust me and should kill me when I got home.”

“She would have an angel there to help get rid of my body,” Charles Vallow wrote.

An autopsy report released late last month ruled the death of Charles Vallow, 62, a murder and said he had multiple gunshot wounds to his chest and stomach.

Files released Wednesday include a 1,108-page police report, 911 audio, body camera footage and interviews. The Republic of Arizona will continue to review the files in the days to come.

Records: Charles Vallow planned an intervention for his wife a few days before her death

Charles and Lori Vallow had marital problems long before the fatal shooting, according to police records.

“Lori accused Charles of infidelity and Charles accused Lori of being mentally unstable due to her religious beliefs,” an investigator wrote in the report.

Investigators later learned that Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell, a “self-proclaimed visionary,” met in October 2018 and began an extramarital affair soon after, according to records.

Charles Vallow contacted the Gilbert Police Department in 2019 to get a mental health order for his wife. She voluntarily went to an institution, where she was assessed and released, according to the records.

She disappeared soon after and “didn’t tell a lot of people where she was going,” although phone records showed Hawaii and Idaho. She left JJ Vallow in the care of Charles Vallow and “had little to no communication with them during his absence,” the records said.

Lori Vallow eventually returned to Arizona and became the primary caregiver. She moved into a rental home near Chandler Heights and Gilbert Roads on June 24, 2019.

On June 29, 2019, Charles Vallow discovered a “fictitious letter” sent by his wife as if she had just asked Chad Daybell to come to Arizona to help him write a book, new police records reveal.

“This discovery would send everything into action”, records said.

Charles Vallow told his wife to “talk about his relationship with Chad Daybell” by the end of the day, otherwise he would let Tammy Daybell know about their affair, according to records.

He spoke to his wife’s brother, Adam Cox, about the letter and his “radical beliefs,” and the couple planned an intervention, according to records.

“The plan was to confront Lori and try to have her temple recommend withdrawn because of her beliefs that would be contrary to the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” wrote an investigator.

Previous records indicate that Lori Vallow was involved with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, attended the Mesa temple regularly, and justified the murder by Book of Mormon scriptures.

According to records, Lori Vallow learned of the planned intervention on July 9 and enlisted the help of several people, including Chad Daybell and his brother, Alexander Cox.

New information on Tylee Ryan’s presence on set

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Chandler police question Alexander Cox after shooting

Police video from Chandler shows the moments immediately after Lori Vallow’s brother Alex Cox shot dead husband Charles Vallow on July 11, 2019.

Chandler Police Department, Republic of Arizona

An argument broke out between Charles Vallow and his ex-wife after arriving at her home in Chandler on the day of the shooting July 11, 2019.

Ryan walked into the living room with a baseball bat and stood next to his mother, holding the bat in front of her before Charles Vallow pulled it out and the teenager fell to the floor, according to records.

Lori Vallow’s brother Alexander Cox told police Charles Vallow was advancing towards the women with the bat. He responded by grabbing Vallow from behind and pulling him away, knocking the two men to the ground, according to records.

As he got back to his feet, Cox said Charles Vallow hit him in the back of the head with the bat, according to records.

Cox went to get a handgun and returned to the living room to find Charles Vallow still holding the bat. He told Vallow to drop him and fired “at least two shots” when Vallow started walking towards him, records show.

After the shooting, Cox washed his hands, got a paper towel for the cut on the back of his head, put the gun down in the room he was staying in, and called 911 to report what was happening. ‘had passed.

Cox said he did not see his sister or niece during the shooting. Ryan later told investigators his mother told him to get out after falling to the ground.

“Tylee reported hearing a loud bang that she believed to be the bat hitting something, and she said she realized after learning of the shooting that it was probably a gunshot that she heard, “wrote a detective in a search warrant affidavit included in the files.

Lori Vallow also said she heard the gunshot but said she was not in the room during the shooting. She told investigators that she and her daughter left home “right after the incident” to take JJ Vallow to school.

Chandler Police questioned Lori Vallow Daybell and Cox, but ultimately released them. No criminal charges were laid at the time. After further investigation, Chandler Police said they found evidence Vallow and Cox plotted to kill Charles Vallow.

“He looked like pure rage,” Tylee Ryan told investigator of his stepfather

In an interview with investigators after the shooting, Ryan said she woke up screaming outside his door and immediately grabbed her baseball bat.

She found her mother, stepfather and uncle arguing outside her bedroom, although she said Charles Vallow was doing most of the screaming. She said to her stepfather “you are too close and you have to take a step back” and he replied “don’t tell me what to do”, while telling her “she would go to jail if she hit him” with the bat , records said.

“My stepdad was like, he was like – I don’t even know how to explain it,” Ryan told investigators. “Honestly, he looked like kind of crazy. Like screaming and like his face was beetroot red, he just looked really crazy. I remember when he took the bat from me, I saw his face for split second and honestly it didn’t work I don’t even look like him, he just looked like pure rage, like he was just seeing red. So I’ve never really seen him like that before . It’s like the craziest I’ve ever seen. “

Ryan told investigators she was concerned her stepfather, who she “sort of never got along with”, would hit her mother during the argument.

“It’s pretty mundane for the most part, but there were a few violent moments with him where I was really scared that he would hit me or my mom like just because everything was a little crazy,” Ryan said. “Me and him still haven’t gotten along like since I was little and so there were a few times we fought and stuff like that so I’m always a little scared of that.

Lori Vallow told investigators she “didn’t like him (Charles Vallow) and didn’t want to deal with him” and added that he had “always been” awful “” to Ryan.

Lori Vallow said her brother Alexander Cox stayed home because she feared her ex-husband would “cause her problems”. She said Charles Vallow was “smiling” and “jerking” with her on the morning of the shooting.

She said he was “ballistic” during the argument and told the investigator that she thought “absolutely” that he could potentially harm her or her daughter, although she said: “he would never hurt JJ “.

Arizona Republic reporters Mike Cruz and Salma Reyes contributed to this report.

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