Sanford awards scholarships to 5 military veterans and students


Five Upper Midwestern students received up to $ 5,000 for their education through the Sanford Health Military and Veteran Scholarship Program.

Each scholarship was awarded to the respective students in a surprise ceremony during one of their classes. They were briefed in front of their classmates by retired U.S. Navy Captain Paul Weckman, Director of Military and Veteran Services at Sanford.

Weckman presented one of these scholarships on the campus of North Dakota State University in Fargo to BreAnn Sullivan, a first-year nursing student who is a member of the North Dakota Air National Guard.

“Today, I have the honor and privilege to recognize someone of this class who has gone above and beyond as a veteran,” Weckman said as he informed Sullivan of his award. “Each year, we offer a scholarship of up to $ 5,000 for a veteran who is currently in full-time status in a college or university system. Today’s individual has risen to the top. We had a selection committee – they’re all veterans themselves – and we looked at quite a few applicants, but this was our best candidate. She wasn’t just a valedictorian in her high school; she did a lot of community service. Now, here she is on the Dean’s List as well.

Honored for their service

In addition to Sullivan, this year’s Veterans and Military Scholarship recipients are:

  • Jeff Barnable, South Dakota State University, Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Colten Allen, South Dakota State University, BA in Psychology
  • Kalli Koepplin, University of Mary, MSN-Nurses and Leadership
  • Luc Wilkowski, Bemidji State University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

For her part, Sullivan was excited and really surprised to receive the scholarship during class. She also reiterated her commitment not only to nursing and school, but also to serving her country.

“A lot of my family was in the military, so it kind of was something that made sense to me,” Sullivan said.

When asked where she wanted to be a nurse after graduating from school, Sullivan replied, “In Sanford! “

“Her whole life has been nothing but sustained top performance,” Weckman added. “Still supporting the National Guard here in North Dakota, she’s just a model citizen soldier. It’s just great to see people of such quality and then continue to serve as a future nurse and help the healthcare system, it’s so rewarding to see.

The Military and Veteran Fellowship is an annual award for Veterans, Guard / Reserve members, or active duty military service members. Each person must show that they have shown leadership and commitment in their community.

Applicants must be full-time students pursuing a bachelor’s, graduate, or professional degree from an accredited higher education institution based in the United States. They must also have at least one full year of study remaining.

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