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Why change a loan?

Crossing a loan from one provider to another, that can save you a lot in both the short and the longer term. And do not be mistaken, the total benefit can go up to thousands of euros. A loan transfer is done in the first place to borrow money elsewhere at more favorable interest rates. Some people, however, lose the overview because they have taken out all sorts of small loans and sometimes with different providers. Maybe that situation is familiar to you? It is impossible then to keep a good administration. You can bundle all those smaller loans into one large, well-organized loan. With higher loan amounts you can always borrow money at lower interest rates. And you keep the overview.

Which loans can you transfer?

In fact, you can place virtually all types of loans elsewhere and therefore borrow money on more favorable terms and lower interest rates. There is one exception, however, and that is the mortgage. Of course you can transfer a mortgage at any time, but the transfer costs are not limited. You will then have to pay a hefty fine to your current mortgage lender. Putting a mortgage somewhere else is therefore usually not the best solution. Unless your fixed-rate period has expired. Then you can pay many thousands of euros! Loans that can be transferred much easier to another provider are:

  • the personal loan;
  • the revolving credit;
  • a credit card debt;
  • overdraft with the bank (credit on payment account);
  • mail order credits 
  • sometimes also private lease and / or hire purchase.

Connect your loan (s) at the right time

You probably want to have a loan or credit because it has become too expensive. That is why it is wise to take all the time for the transfer. Let yourself be well informed about the possibilities, the advantages, but also the disadvantages. The timing is important! Always transfer your overpriced financing at the right time. You then borrow cheaper money at the right time. How can you handle the very best? We advise you to check the current interest rates on on a daily basis. It is even better to request an advisory interview from a bank that you prefer. Ask them what they expect the interest rates to do. Are interest rates rising? Or is it expected that interest rates will fall? Never take a decision in a hurry. Close a cheap loan at the right time!

Putting an existing loan somewhere else and calculating monthly payments

Calculate your monthly costs for a new loan online via Do not just pay attention to the level of interest rates, but also check what the APR is. This is the annual percentage percentage. With some credit providers you are obliged to take out a life insurance policy or to advise you on this. The costs are processed in the APR.

Below you can read more about calculating your new loan. Your net income largely determines the costs of your new loan. Keep this information handy when calculating. The level of the interest rate also depends on factors such as your living situation, the income of your partner, the number of children living at home and, of course, the amount of the loan amount.

Transfer your personal loan or revolving credit in 3 steps

With most banks, you have to go through the 3 steps below to be able to transfer an existing loan, such as a revolving credit or personal loan. You also use these steps if you want to combine several expensive loans into one cheap loan.

Step 1: Enter data
Enter the details for the quotation request on the bank’s website. Some banks also have a special ‘loan transfer form’ available for this purpose. The bank in question will review your application and let you know if you are eligible for a transfer. They then send you a quote.

Step 2: Sign the offer for loan transfer
Did you receive a loan offer? Then take it through thoroughly! You now pay too much for your current credit (s) and of course you want to take out cheaper, reliable financing. Compare your current APR with the APR of the new provider. If you agree with the new loan offer, you will return it signed. Add any documents. Often you can also handle the loan request online.

Step 3: They will take over your loan (s)
You do not have to transfer your current loan or credit yourself. The bank does this for you. Of course, you must provide all the necessary data and documents on time and in full.

Do you want to repay a personal loan without penalty?

Note: When you transfer a personal loan you must take extra costs into account. These loans can not always be paid without penalty. This can vary per provider. That is also a good point to take into account when taking out a personal loan with a new provider … In your agreement you can read whether you can pay off without penalty or not. Credit providers who do charge a fine have to abide by the law.

Dutch law stipulates that a fine may not exceed a maximum of 1 percent of the amount that is repaid faster. Do you still have a loan amount of € 20,000 open? Then a maximum fine of € 200 may apply. But if all goes well, you will receive that amount within a few months, because of course you only take out a loan if it has a more favorable interest.

Credit transfer free of charge

All revolving credits (also credit card debts and overdrafts) can be transferred free of charge. Therefore, to pay an expensive revolving credit is always immediately worthwhile.

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