To be able to ask for loan, you just have to fulfill the following terms.

credits cofidis

  • Be over 18 and under 75
  • Your legal residence has to be in Spain.
  • You have to have a bank account.
  • Have a fixed income every month from which you can discount the fee.
  • Do not have previous pending payments.

As you can see, the requirements are nothing special. Any company could ask for them when financing a purchase. So, asking for extra money for an unforeseen event is not difficult to achieve.

How the loan is contracted and returned

We tell you now what are the steps you should follow when hiring a loan with our company. By the way, on your website you can do it.

  • On the homepage, write down the amount of money you will need and when you want to finish returning it by entering the monthly payment. The same web simulator of the company will help you do it.
  • In the next screen you will be able to complete a form in which you will be asked for your personal and banking information.
  • In just two minutes the company itself responds to your request and will tell you if you are willing, or not, to have the credit.
  • Then, if the loan is accepted, you will receive a document by email that you will have to sign and forward to the company.
  • In 24 hours you will have the money in your account.

So fast and simple. By telephone, the steps are more or less the same only, that instead of writing the data, you will dictate them to the agent in question. our company will deduct from your checking account every month the amount that has been assigned. You should know that their interests are among the lowest in the market and may vary depending on the money you ask for and the time in which you will return it. Even so, we give you some examples so you can get an idea:

  • For 500 euros with a return of 13 months, you will have to pay a total of 562.47 euros with a monthly fee of 45 euros. That is, the total money left by the company is 62.47 euros.
  • For a loan of 3000 euros to 26 months, the monthly fee will be 150 euros and the total payment will be 3760.09 euros.
  • And, a final example, with a maximum of 4000 euros and a term of 41 months, you will have a monthly fee of 140 euros and a total payment of 5703.12 euros.

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