How can I have loans without a paycheck ? What are the best offers for personal loans?

 Ways to get loan without pay :

It is possible to have small loans without paychecks , as you can read below.
In a historical period of severe economic crisis like this, having a steady job , stable and documented by a paycheck , is not so simple, especially for people under 40 and then getting a loan has become more and more complicated.
Now the world of work has totally changed compared to just 10 years ago.
If someone can find a job, in the vast majority of cases is a part-time job, fixed-term, for small contracts, perhaps paid with vouchers, or even in black, so obtaining a loan is difficult if you do not have a paycheck, but not impossible.

More and more people need funding without guarantees

Banks once earned on loans, so the more loans they made, the more they earned, the more the employees were able to make loan contracts, the more gratified they were.

Today everything is happening the opposite, the ancient role of ” banks that give credit “ and served as a ‘flywheel of the economy’ is slowly fading, as now a listed bank, must have less possible suffering in order to have a solid balance and attractive to investors; in practice, the European banks, after the recent treaties, are transforming their nature from banks to savings managers .

Obviously, even today the Banks lend money , but only and exclusively to those who can provide him with solid guarantees .

This is the main reason why having a payday loan today is not so simple today, even if not all banks use the same criteria for making a loan .

Ways to get loan without pay :

Loan by rent and tax return

For atypical workers , or those who have an entry without having a job, such as homeowners who have the income of a rent , the bank can grant a loan.
Better if the borrower is a good bank customer , (sometimes this is essential) so that the bank can check the various movements in his checking account and verify that the income is real.

Loan through a surety , ie to have a guarantor of your debt:

This is one of the oldest and most known methods for obtaining a loan. Finding a relative, a friend or an employer who guarantees for Us, if we are serious people is not so difficult, and the Bank will be able to refer to him if we do not pay the debt.

Loan with mortgage on a property owned.

Alternatively, you can request a loan through a mortgage on a property owned.

Funding is not always granted , despite these guarantees

In all these cases, the Bank or the finance company that makes loans, can still deny the loan for its own company policies.

Changed :

This is a form of loan that went ‘in fashion’ until a few years ago, but that now not all banks do.

These are online loans , which in many cases claim to prove a severance pay, therefore not suitable for people who are not working, but which can include those temporary workers who do not have a paycheck that shows that they work indefinitely.

If the loans that have been changed can therefore help those who do not have a permanent job, for example foreign citizens who have recently worked in Italy, are not convenient, because they have a very high interest rate.

For bad payers without assignment of the fifth :

One of the biggest problems for a person who wants a loan is to be a bad payer.

A bad payer is that debtor who has not paid any installments of the debt or has skipped payment of some bills. When a debtor does not pay any installments, the creditor reports it to a national agency and this immediately becomes a ‘bad payer’.

To take a loan, a bad payer has to get a loan that has been changed. A private loan is one of the few ways to get money. The changed loan, as written above, is a way

Revolving cards a solution to get a payday loan

The revolving cards are real credit cards , which are given at the request of the client (read: Personal with Postepay )

They had a huge spread after the years 2000, but they have particularly high interests and being still a risky product for the bank, they are no longer delivered with the ease of a few years ago.

The loan of a revolving card is repaid in installments , the credit that made us available, can be used by making purchases or directly withdrawing cash at the enabled ATMs. However, it must be taken into account that the expenses for a revolving card are not only those of the interest payable on the debt, but also:

Commissions for any fuel refueling.

Commissions for withdrawals made at ATMs.

There are expenses for compulsory annual insurance (which the bank needs if you do not pay the debt).

Additional expenses, are those that have to be paid for sending the bank the statement of account of each specific revolving card.

Loans without paychecks to whom they are addressed:

Can I have a loan without a paycheck? Who can have a loan without a paycheck?

  • Unemployed .
  • Retired people .
  • Protested ( bad payers ).
  • Precarious .
  • Atypical workers .
  • Professionals .
  • Housewives .
  • Students .

Yes, all these categories of people, I can have personalized loans, just choose the right way and the right bank. We remember that banks can be regulated differently, both for their own business needs, and they can make huge differences if the customer who asks for a loan is an old account holder or a complete stranger.

Many do not know this, but even bank account holders today have their own ‘rating’ , calculated on the basis of the money they invested in the Bank, the fact whether they have had loans or have them in progress, based on their they have become extinct or have had difficulty returning with the loan or if they are protested or are bad payers .

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