Money. When we have it, it is delicious. When we miss it, it often gives us headaches.


The fact is that life is not cheap and that it will only become more expensive. Just think about what you have to pay to live a normal life: A mortgage or rent, a car and / or public transport, furniture, food, drinks, insurance , electricity, water, you name it. Life is expensive and will only become more expensive.


It would be nice if you had an apple for thirst at any given moment. It would make a lot of headache if you live in the knowledge that if your refrigerator broke, if your car broke, you can always withdraw enough money to cover the costs.

Continuous credit: A piece of structural freedom

Money equals freedom. Whoever can spend money knows what it is like to feel free. You can experience that freedom by taking out an ongoing loan. A revolving credit is a type of loan where you can withdraw up to a certain amount at any given time. So you are always prepared for unforeseen repairs, but you can also book an enjoyable last minute holiday in an impulsive mood. A revolving credit gives you that little bit of freedom that you miss when you have to wait for your salary every month.

A little responsibility

It is of course important that you know how to handle money. Air you can breathe several times, but you can only spend money once. Are you someone who is always inclined to spend money, even when it is not really necessary, then a revolving credit may not be as suitable for you. But if you are someone who can handle money wisely, someone who knows that freedom is accompanied by responsibility, then a continuous credit may be just the breathing space you are looking for to make life a bit more fun.

What you can do with your freedom

With a revolving credit you can always withdraw repaid amounts. For example, you can save all year round and spend more in the summer months. The term of the loan can not be determined in advance, as it depends on your payment and borrowing behavior. In addition, in many cases it is possible to convert a revolving credit into a personal loan, whereby the interest rate and the term of the loan are determined and from that moment on you know exactly where you stand.


Do you think you can handle money well and do you need a bit more financial freedom? Borrowing money costs money, but a revolving credit may be a good way for you to enjoy a little more of life. So let yourself be well informed about the terms of a loan before you enter into it. It might just be that this form of borrowing fits you perfectly.

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