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LAKE LINDEN – On July 9, 138 people learned from a Facebook post by a celebrity and alumnus “Dirty jobs” host, Mike Rowe, that they had been selected as recipients of the MikeroweWORKS Foundation scholarship program. Kaci Destrampe, a Lake Linden-Hubbell graduate, was among them.

“This year, the mikeroweWORKS foundation is awarding $ 1,050,750.00 in work ethic scholarships to 138 people in thirteen different trade programs,” the post read. “If your name is on the list, congratulations! You seem to possess the attributes that we strive to encourage: work ethic, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, and a positive attitude. You will soon receive an official notification from MikeroweWORKS.

The post continued: “If you’ve applied for a scholarship and your name isn’t on the list, it’s not necessarily because you don’t have the attributes that we strive to encourage – it’s because thousands of people qualified have applied this year and our resources are limited. Please accept our thanks for your application and feel free to try again next year.

Destrampe found itself among a few very selected winners this year.

According to the distribution and funding of Mike Rowe’s recipients, Destrampe is one of 28 to win a scholarship for welding.

Photo provided Senior photo of Kaci Destrampe from Lake Linden-Hubbell High School.

Retired Copper Country Middle School District Superintendent George Stockero informed the Daily Mining Gazette that Destrampe was using the scholarship to attend Advanced Welding, Inc. and work in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Destrampe was on tour at AWI when she heard about the MikeroweWORKS Foundation opportunity.

“Laura from AWI told me about this scholarship opportunity when I went to visit their establishment. I would really like to thank her for sharing this information ”, DeStrampe said in an email interview. “There are many online exchanges that are not always legitimate, and I never would have thought of it without Laura. Even though it was a national scholarship, she really believed in applying. His enthusiasm and encouragement motivated me to finish it.

To Destrempe, that still doesn’t feel quite real.

“I don’t know why I was lucky enough to be selected as a recipient and I still can’t believe it when I think about it. I can however say that I am eternally grateful.

Destrempe’s plans for the future include a business school, and after that, the door is open.

“My plans are to attend AWI for their six month program and then, of course, in the hope of finding a welding job that will allow me to use these skills. I am open to the idea of ​​moving. she said. “I don’t have a specific company that I would like to work for, I guess I’ll see what is available that I qualify for once I complete this program” she said.

Destrampe shared that her successful candidacy was a total shock to her.

“The first thoughts were, ‘What are the odds? “”, she said.

She soon learned that despite the odds, she was a winner.

“In fact, my parents called me to tell me I was ‘ON THE LIST’. I knew the recipients were notified that day, but I didn’t know when. I wasn’t really sure how I would be notified. My mom had looked at the mikeroweWORKS Facebook page and saw a comment that the listing was posted on the webpage, then she went to their webpage and saw that I was listed as a recipient, ” said Destrempe. “My mom and dad waited a bit, and then when Facebook started posting about it, they called me up to share the wonderful news.

“The next day, I received an email confirming that I was a beneficiary. I am extremely happy and grateful. I can’t believe that I am a recipient of any of these scholarships, that my application has gone through the whole process and been selected. “

Destrempe explained that it is a modern and highly competitive application process.

“There were 138 recipients out of thousands of applicants. Part of the process was making a video on YouTube and posting it publicly. I had watched many other videos submitted by applicants and knew they were all very good and there were a lot of applicants. The application process consisted of answering several short answer questions, providing the URLs of my social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), signing the SWEAT (Skill & Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo) pledge. , create a public video to post on youtube answering the question of what I would add as the 13th statement to the SWEAT pledge and why, references from at least two supervisors, and uploading several additional documents and additional forms.

Destrempe has remained incredibly humble, having won such a prestigious award.

“I gratefully accept the scholarship and will put it into my tuition at the Advanced Welding Institute (AWI) in Eagle River, Wisconsin,” she said. “I am eternally grateful for this opportunity that the MikeroweWORKS Foundation scholarship allows me to have. I would also like to thank Mike Rowe, all the staff at the mikeroweWORKS foundation and all the sponsors for this incredibly generous opportunity which helps people like me improve in a skilled trade.

She wasn’t alone in the business, and she mentioned some of her biggest inspirations and supporters.

“I wanted to take welding lessons after doing the”non-traditional“Career day organized by our local vocational and technical training center (CTE)”, said Destrempe. “Sir. Stites, my welding instructor, has been a great mentor over the past two years. He was always available to answer any questions or help me with problems when I was struggling with something in class. Some of my biggest and most important supporters are my parents, my grandparents, my boyfriend, Wyatt and his family.

Destrampe also offered a few words of encouragement and wisdom.

“Sign up for local CTE courses. There you can learn skills that can be useful in future daily life, even if it is not an after-school occupation. In addition, apply for scholarships, especially this one ”, she said. “There are many steps in the bid, but it’s definitely worth giving it a chance. “

Destrampe’s current path is not what she initially expected, but the MRWF scholarship, along with ongoing experiences, has changed that.

“Continuing my education after high school was not what I thought was my plan. Initially, I thought I was going to enter the workforce after high school. The more I learned about welding and all the possibilities of a career in welding, improving my skills became more and more the path I wanted to follow ”, she said. “After visiting AWI with my parents, I knew this was the place I wanted to go. It was a swirling senior year in high school and graduating and with the intention of attending a school like AWI is not a place I expected to be.

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