Joni Mitchell met her only child 32 after abandoning her for adoption when broke and single



Before Joni Mitchell became the famous figure everyone now loves, she was Roberta Joan Anderson, a broke college student who had to make a tough decision – that’s the truth behind her fame.

Joni Mitchell is a living legend. Literally. The talented artist is responsible for writing many songs that helped define a generation. A modest woman who describes herself as a “lonely painter” who ironically enjoys “living alone”.

Mitchell’s life is a life of triumph, the story of a woman who wouldn’t stop until she got what she wanted. A warrior by necessity. And it all started with his childhood.

A photo of singer Joni Mitchell and her daughter | Photo: Images


Joni was born the only child to Bill, a grocer, and Myrtle Anderson, a housewife. She was an intelligent young child who could remember how badly they lived.

In fact, one of her earliest memories of her family was how they could only afford to buy her a box of eight Crayola pencils when she wanted the one that contained all 24 colors, especially magenta, turquoise, silver and gold.

Her childhood was difficult, but the things she endured prepared her for life. She caught a lot of illnesses when she was a young child; however, her parents did not pamper her; they let her fight her battles and she did. She once said:

“I had to become a warrior. I had to let go of hope and find a substitute for hope that would be much more stable.”

Joni has found stability in his music; She studied the piano for a short time as a child, switched to the ukulele at age 14, and then got hold of a guitar which she used to debut in 1962.

She knew what she wanted for herself, but she also had to face her mother, who wanted to control her because her own life had not turned out the way she wanted it to.


Joni got pregnant in 1964 after falling in love with a local Canadian boy named Brad McGrath, who later fled to California after learning of the baby’s existence. Afraid of what her family might think, Joni moved to Toronto.

She was directed to Los Angeles after a phone call with Joni’s manager, and she went with her 4-year-old son, Marlin.

In 1965, she was a broke, single woman with a child – lost in a time when single mothers were looked down upon. She welcomed the child to a hospital where she once revealed that they tie the breasts of single mothers to prevent the milk from coming out.

However, Joni knew she couldn’t keep the baby. Complications at birth kept her in the hospital for an additional ten days – it also gave her time to hold her baby, Kelly Dale Anderson, and confess:

“I kept trying to find some sort of circumstance where I could stay with her that wouldn’t be harmful to her and to myself.”

To that end, she rushed into “a marriage of convenience” with American folk singer Chuck Mitchell. It was a union forged purely by her desire to give her baby a home.

The union did not last long as it was on fragile foundations, and she was under pressure from adoption agencies who warned her that the later this happened, the more difficult it would be to place her child in a safe haven. suitable home.

During her second month as a wife, she gave up on her child. It was too late, however, as she had bonded with the baby and his action haunted her. She worried about Kelly’s health for years to come, wondering if her bones were strong enough.

Her marriage to Chuck ended two years after it took effect. Joni felt he was stifling his creativity; to get away from it all, she often went out to drink coffee and write songs.

She remained in New York City after the divorce, where her haunted past inspired her to write some of her best-known songs, including “Both Sides Now”, “Chelsea Morning” and “The Circle Game”.

Her work has been recorded by artists like Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ian and Sylvia and Judy Collins. However, it was David Crosby who produced his first album, “Song to a Seagull”, under the contract with Reprise Records.

    David Crosby attends 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on January 26, 2020 |  Photo: Getty Images

David Crosby attends 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on January 26, 2020 | Photo: Getty Images

Her music career skyrocketed after that, and in 1971 she released “Blue”, her debut album which sold over a million copies.

It was a sensitive and brutally honest album that she found inspiration to make after tapping into everything in her life, including her decision to abandon her child.

One of the tracks on the album, “Little Green”, apparently addressed the regret that Joni lived with after being forced to adopt her child. “Blue” was such a raw album that Joni was criticized by some for its emotional honesty.


Joni then tried to find his daughter but was unlucky. The research took on a whole new dimension after it became public that she had given a child up for adoption.

There were suitors, but none convincing enough; and in the end, Joni’s daughter found her, and not the other way around. It turned out that her daughter Kilauren Gibb was also looking for her birth mother. She also had a child and wanted to meet her natural parents.

She was directed to Los Angeles after a phone call with Joni’s manager, and she went with her four-year-old son, Marlin. Joni found herself playing the role of her grandmother after receiving a blessing from Gibb.

The mother and daughter spent time together and found they had a lot of similarities as well as differences, but when it comes to Joni, the end of the story counterbalances the horror of the beginning.

These days, Joni mostly lives on her own, painting and doing whatever is best for her. It’s a quiet life, a life she deserves after the colorful one she’s lived so far.


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