Independent School District 196: Elders in District 196 recognized under the National Merit Scholarship Program


September 28, 2021

Forty-nine seniors in District 196 will receive special recognition this fall for their marks on a nationally standardized test taken last year as juniors. Seventeen are semifinalists of the 2021-22 National Merit Scholarship Program and 32 are National Merit Students.

The 17 District 196 National Merit semi-finalists are:

  • Allen Gong, Arlan Hegenbarth, Nina Mirfakhraie, Anna Schuller, Sarah Smith and Eric Sorensen from Eagan High School;
  • Isaiah Dalzell, Hunter Dunne, Maria Galindez, Maxwell Leach, Thomas Nelson, Kim Ngo and Cameron Ojala from Eastview High School, and
  • Benjamin Ellis, Miriam Marks, Alexander Sell and Drew wetterlind from Rosemount High School.

Students are selected for recognition in the National Merit Scholarship Program based on their scores on the Preliminary Academic Aptitude Test / Qualifying Test for National Merit Scholarships (PSAT / NMSQT), which ‘they pass as juniors. Semi-finalists rank in the top 1% of students who have taken the test. They may submit additional information to be considered for selection as a finalist. Students named National Merit Finalists next spring will compete for some 7,500 scholarships totaling nearly $ 30 million from businesses, colleges and universities, and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Students whose PSAT / NMSQT scores place them in the top 5 students nationwide receive letters of congratulation in recognition of their outstanding academic promise. In District 196, the following 32 seniors are 2021-2022 National Merit Recommended Students:

  • Alarith Dameh, Elise Hachfeld, Sarah McDevitt and Jean Schwartz Apple Valley High School;
  • Samantha Ballesteros, Meghna Bosco, Elliet Buslee, Kristin Cullen, David Naranjo, Julia Schowalter and Audrey schwartz from Eagan High;
  • Sohan Addagudi, Amy Brewster, Anthony Brogni, Dean Catlin, Regina Dehnert, Morgan Gallagher, Enzo Izzo, Tarun Kota, Andrew Lu, Katelyn McClure, Clinton Pan, Ryan Porter, Silvie Reitz, Joshua Schaefer and Lillian spade of Eastview High;
  • Erin DeWitt, Connell Hagen, Keegan Messner, Hannah Swanson and hope awakens from Rosemount High School, and
  • Will Cooper from the School of Environmental Studies.

This press release was produced by Independent School District 196. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author.

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