The solution to financial crisis is to take out a loan.

 Requirements to Ask for Credits

Perhaps the easiest way to request a loan is to visit one of its multiple online sites and offices.

Our company puts a type of loan for your needs at your disposal.

The Loyalty Loan, from the 6.50% of nominal interest that can reduce or reduce the cost by contracting linking products, cards, insurance of amortization, pension plans, funds, etc.

The motor loan for the purchase of a new or used car. Up to 40,000 euros and a term of 8 years to pay.
Home loan up to 42,000 euros and amortization period 8 years. For purchase of furniture, renovations, extension of housing etc.

Young loans up to 18,000 euros for ages between 18 and 35 years and 8 years to a mortgaging.
Master loan up to 18,000 euros at variable interest and 5 years to amortize.

Whether you are a customer or do not yet have an account, you can request the loan online on your website . where they offer different modalities. Motor, home, young, studies. Choose the one you are most interested in and continue asking for the amount and filling in the information requested by the form.

Requirements to Ask for Credits

The requirements to apply for loans and loans are the standards in all financial entities.
What the entity seeks is to know the economic solvency of the person who asks for the loan. If you have enough income to pay and broad support in the event of unforeseen events.

On the other hand, the regulations of the Bank of Spain require that banks document the granting of loans well, although not with much demand in the case of companies and large loans.

For these purposes, Our company may ask you to provide it:
– The latest payroll or pension receipts.
– The Declaration of the rent
– Contract of work and working life.
– It is essential to be of legal age and not to exceed 70 years.
– Living in Spain with a residence permit or being Spanish

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