How to check if a business has received a PPP loan

Activists take part in a protest outside the Old Ebbitt Grill to demand a minimum wage complete with tips for restaurant workers in Washington, DC.

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The ugliest trend this summer is for bosses to blame “lazy” workers for business disruptions. In July, Business intern reported on a wave of signs posted in store windows across the country in an attempt to explain closures or understaffing: “Unfortunately, due to government handouts, no one seems to want to work anymore.” A so-called labor shortage found small businesses plus giants like Uber and Lyft, struggling to find people willing to accept the status quo – AKA low pay and crappy terms.

Luckily for The Man, two forms of federal support that have allowed many people to say no to underpaid work are quickly coming to an end: pandemic unemployment benefits of $ 300 per week are coming to an end. run out across the country, and moratoriums on evictions are accelerating (in addition to the rise in the number of COVIDs). This means that returning to the workforce or sticking with a bad job are two options on a growing list for people in the United States who want a shot at health care and housing.

But if you are looking for a job (or are currently trapped in a job) with an employer who says you to have accept underpayments and ask for more smacks of millennial entitlement, we would like to remind you that there is a timely weapon in your arsenal: the power to verify PPP loan receipts. Dramatic revelations about employer reprimands for employer behavior have made headlines twice so far this summer: No one wants to work anymore. As a result, we are understaffed. Please be patient with the staff who have chosen to come to work today and remember to tip your server. They have chosen to come forward to serve you. Jacksonville NBC Affiliate WSLS, the channel received more than $ 2 million in total in PPP bailout funds, including from the government.

In July, the management of the Blue Moon Café in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, posted a graphic with identical wording on its Facebook page, a decision that later went viral on TikTok when workers came out to protest underpayment and other disputes with management. A PPP loan research reveals that the restaurant has received $ 142,585 in federal bailout money.

Doesn’t that kind of thing sound cool? Fortunately, it is extremely achievable. Look up your crappy workplace name in database, or a VICE report from December 2020 The report revealed that Jeffree Starr and Man Repeller got big loans. Enter information like your business address to make sure you’re in awe of the right business and just … see if your business name is there.

Better yet, do a little research if you see a sign admonishing licensed workers in the wild – who knows what might happen! Your employer can make any excuses they want for having already used their bailout money (some loans were made in 2020, but a second wave was made available from January to the end of May 2021) … But the rhetoric and hypocrisy alone is a great litmus test of whether you could possibly have a positive work experience in this kind of environment.

Of course, PPP loans don’t have to be spent solely on wages, but they have a limited number of ways they can be used. “PPP loans can be used to help fund labor costs, including employee benefits, and can also be used to pay mortgage interest, rent, utilities, worker protection costs related to COVID-19. , the costs of uninsured property damage caused by looting or vandalism in 2020, and certain supplier costs and expenses for operations ” according to the United States Small Business Administration. If you have the trail as an employee and can prove that the money is not being used for its intended purpose, you can bring this shit back. Who is lazy now?

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