How to apply for a loan for my car

How to apply for a loan for my car


The credit application process is totally online. These are the steps to request a credit for the car :

  1. Enter the data of the car (Make, Model, Registration, Kilometers and year of purchase
  2. Enter personal and user contact information
  3. Rates the car and calls the user by phone
  4. Final assessment (it is very likely that the user must take the car to one of the dealers who collaborate with the credit company for your car)
  5. Offers the maximum amount of credit
  6. The user has the loan money and can continue using the car

Reasons to choose

  • The response time is very short
  • Credit conditions are flexible
  • It is not necessary to go to a notary
  • You can repay the loan in monthly installments
  • You are still the owner of the car and you can continue to use it
  • You do not have to leave your car in storage
  • They accept RAI and ASNEF
  • They offer you up to 70% of the value of the car
  • Offer credits to cars up to 12 years old


In addition, you can enjoy a pack of additional services included at the time of signing the credit agreement:

  • Credit amortization insurance if a total loss occurs. That is, if during the period of validity of the loan the car suffers a total loss, the loan will be amortized by this insurance. That is, if the car is declared a total loss, you will not have to continue paying the remaining installments of the debt
  • Technical maintenance review included. This revision is carried out through the network of Midas workshops, a collaborator of
  • Included study to request an increase of the loan amount. This means that if the amount of the loan requested from is initially lower than the amount of the appraisal, then we can request an increase in the online credit until this maximum limit is reached.
  • Notarial certification service for vehicle documentation. takes care of this process
  • Personalized ITV appointments service. If during the life of the loan the car has to perform the technical inspection of vehicles, facilitates the reservation of necessary appointment
  • Customized customer area On the website, all customers can find personalized information on the amount of credit for the car, debt repayments, ITV appointments , etc.
  • Ease of payment by card
  • Flexibility to choose the date of payment of the monthly fee

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