Georgia Engagement Scholarships Get $ 1 Million Match


UGA Foundation funds will encourage further investment in the successful program

After four years of successful fundraising, The Georgia Commitment Scholarship (GCS) program received an additional $ 1 million from the University of Georgia Foundation to match future GCS gifts. The increase supports the UGA’s new diversity and inclusive excellence plan, which calls for an increase in scholarships as needed.

“I am delighted with the foundation’s decision to allocate this additional funding to our students,” said UGA President Jere W. Morehead. “The Georgia Commitment Scholarship Program has already done a lot to remove the financial barriers that too often prevent talented students from pursuing higher education. I know UGA supporters will be eager to take this opportunity to create more scholarships for Georgian students.

The Georgia Commitment Scholarship Program, established in 2017, made two milestones in the first semester of 2021: creating 600 need-based undergraduate scholarships and graduating the first cohort of GCS grantees. In recognition of this success, the UGA Foundation Board of Directors voted to designate an additional $ 1 million in matching funds to encourage additional private support for the program.

“We were proud to allocate these funds and encourage others to support this incredible program,” said Neal Quirk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UGA Foundation. “Given the success of the GCS program and knowing how many deserving students in our state are still hampered by financial need, administrators knew this was one way to make a real and lasting impact for UGA and our students. . “

When the GCS program began, the UGA Foundation matched any donation in the amount of $ 50,000, $ 75,000 or $ 100,000 to establish an endowed, need-based undergraduate scholarship doubling the impact of donations. donors. The initial counterpart funds were exhausted by the massive response to the program, but this new allocation will allow donors to take advantage of the counterpart component again.

“Being able to continue my education and start the journey to a successful life is everything I have ever dreamed of, and with the help of my scholarship fund, I am getting closer to that dream every day,” said Cy’Riah Pearson , a GCS beneficiary of Union City. “This scholarship is not only an investment in my future, but also an investment in future generations of students.”

The GCS program has led to more than $ 90 million in new commitments of needs-based aid to the UGA since the inception of the program. As a result, UGA has more than doubled the amount of needs-based aid it provides to students each year. Needs-based scholarships are essential for creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment at university.

Students who have received a Georgia Commitment Scholarship represent a representative sample of the Georgian population: 61% come from under-represented backgrounds, 40% are first generation students and 62% come from hometowns outside the region. Metro Atlanta.

Tailored on-campus support helps program participants engage on campus and promotes post-graduation success. The first full cohort of GCS grantees graduated after participating in or leading dozens of campus organizations, and their post-UGA destinations include Deloitte, NBC Universal Media, Georgia State College of Law, and Bank of America.

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