Guaranteed Loan Approval Bad Credit Sat, 19 Oct 2019 03:25:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Low loan installments – are they always the best for the borrower? Sat, 19 Oct 2019 03:25:37 +0000

Installment loans are a product that appears more and more often in the offer of non-bank institutions. All because many borrowers have become accustomed to this repayment mode over the years. It is clear and legible for them, but it also allows you to take out a loan without worrying about how much money you will be able to accumulate, as you would with a standard payday loan. It is also a flexible product that within one offer can be easily adapted to different needs. On the other hand, low installments are an indicator o

Low installments – when to pay attention to them?

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In order for low installments to be really low, it must happen that the loan amount is equally low or the repayment period is as long as possible. The success of the loan repayment mainly depends on it. Of course, if we need a specific, high amount, the ability to manipulate loan parameters is quite limited, and if you want to spend small amounts monthly on a loan, only the maximum extension of the repayment period remains. Let’s see how low installments can be with average and maximum loan amounts.

The above examples show that with the highest amounts, the possibility of getting a low monthly installment exists only if the loan repayment is spread over the maximum period.

A low installment is not always a cheap loan

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Most people use the low installment = cheap loan scheme. This is not entirely true and you should absolutely not stick to it. It will be true in a monthly perspective, but not in an annual or comprehensive perspective. This is due to the long administration time of loan repayment and the costs that the loan company must therefore incur. It is also a compensation for any risk of default by the borrower. However, from a certain point, these costs will not increase proportionally and at an alarming rate.


Borrower, be careful!

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A long repayment period is very desirable, after all, it gives you greater financial freedom and the possibility of better planning of your monthly expenses, but it can also pose a significant risk to the borrower. It is necessary to take into account the disadvantages associated with the long repayment period resulting from low installments.

Although the issues outlined above are not general, and will depend on the predispositions and preferences of individual borrowers, it is worth considering them – more arguments for and against always allow a better picture of the situation and a deeper analysis of their own financial capabilities.

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Loans for bad credit online -We listed guaranteed loans for bad credit Wed, 20 Feb 2019 06:29:54 +0000

When you do not have a job (anymore), but do have to make the necessary expenses, it can be useful if there is an emergency solution for when you do not come around once. You can then lend this month to give yourself some more financial space. In this way, the situation does not feel so oppressive. Of course, with the money, you borrow you can also treat yourself to an extra or make an online purchase on an installment. You decide for yourself what you need the extra money for, that you do not have to share with the loan provider. With a mini-loan, you have your financial affairs in order again in order.

We listed the cheapest and fastest guaranteed loans for bad credit

A payday loan may be a new term for you. A guaranteed loan for bad credit is a special type of loan that is provided online by loan providers like Payday Champion. So this is not about loans at the bank. Other names for mini loans are flash loans, small loans, and mini-credit. These loans are meant to provide as much money as possible to as many people as possible. With a mini-loan you have the money at your expense very quickly, often you do not have to wait long. You can borrow all amounts between 50 and 1000 euros, so these are fairly small amounts. A disadvantage of the mini-loan is that the term of these loans is only one month and then you have to pay back these loans.

You too can borrow money with a mini-loan

In order to ensure that these loans are really accessible to everyone, the minimum requirements are set. As long as you are at least 21 and have the permanent income you can always take out a mini loan. So it does not matter whether you are on the blacklist, whether you have a pay slip or other documents or where you earn income from. In this way, as many people as possible are helped to find an appropriate loan for an extra this month.

Borrow money with a mini-loan in 5 minutes

You can arrange extra money with a minilening in 5 minutes! An application is made via the computer so that you can take out a loan from home. So it costs you little effort and little time. You can also take out a mini-loan at any time of the day, so you will always find a way to make a loan application in 5 minutes. Even when it is late at night or on weekends, a loan application for a mini-loan is arranged!

Borrow money with a mini loan and ask

Perhaps you have further questions about these mini-exercises or would you like to receive personal advice that fits your situation. You can go to the internet for information and to friends who have experience with these loans. You also have the opportunity to request information from the loan provider yourself from Monday to Saturday.

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How to request personal loans from us Sun, 27 Jan 2019 16:48:56 +0000 The solution to financial crisis is to take out a loan.

 Requirements to Ask for Credits

Perhaps the easiest way to request a loan is to visit one of its multiple online sites and offices.

Our company puts a type of loan for your needs at your disposal.

The Loyalty Loan, from the 6.50% of nominal interest that can reduce or reduce the cost by contracting linking products, cards, insurance of amortization, pension plans, funds, etc.

The motor loan for the purchase of a new or used car. Up to 40,000 euros and a term of 8 years to pay.
Home loan up to 42,000 euros and amortization period 8 years. For purchase of furniture, renovations, extension of housing etc.

Young loans up to 18,000 euros for ages between 18 and 35 years and 8 years to a mortgaging.
Master loan up to 18,000 euros at variable interest and 5 years to amortize.

Whether you are a customer or do not yet have an account, you can request the loan online on your website . where they offer different modalities. Motor, home, young, studies. Choose the one you are most interested in and continue asking for the amount and filling in the information requested by the form.

Requirements to Ask for Credits

The requirements to apply for loans and loans are the standards in all financial entities.
What the entity seeks is to know the economic solvency of the person who asks for the loan. If you have enough income to pay and broad support in the event of unforeseen events.

On the other hand, the regulations of the Bank of Spain require that banks document the granting of loans well, although not with much demand in the case of companies and large loans.

For these purposes, Our company may ask you to provide it:
– The latest payroll or pension receipts.
– The Declaration of the rent
– Contract of work and working life.
– It is essential to be of legal age and not to exceed 70 years.
– Living in Spain with a residence permit or being Spanish

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Get a loan for your car Mon, 21 Jan 2019 17:04:15 +0000 How to apply for a loan for my car

How to apply for a loan for my car


The credit application process is totally online. These are the steps to request a credit for the car :

  1. Enter the data of the car (Make, Model, Registration, Kilometers and year of purchase
  2. Enter personal and user contact information
  3. Rates the car and calls the user by phone
  4. Final assessment (it is very likely that the user must take the car to one of the dealers who collaborate with the credit company for your car)
  5. Offers the maximum amount of credit
  6. The user has the loan money and can continue using the car

Reasons to choose

  • The response time is very short
  • Credit conditions are flexible
  • It is not necessary to go to a notary
  • You can repay the loan in monthly installments
  • You are still the owner of the car and you can continue to use it
  • You do not have to leave your car in storage
  • They accept RAI and ASNEF
  • They offer you up to 70% of the value of the car
  • Offer credits to cars up to 12 years old


In addition, you can enjoy a pack of additional services included at the time of signing the credit agreement:

  • Credit amortization insurance if a total loss occurs. That is, if during the period of validity of the loan the car suffers a total loss, the loan will be amortized by this insurance. That is, if the car is declared a total loss, you will not have to continue paying the remaining installments of the debt
  • Technical maintenance review included. This revision is carried out through the network of Midas workshops, a collaborator of
  • Included study to request an increase of the loan amount. This means that if the amount of the loan requested from is initially lower than the amount of the appraisal, then we can request an increase in the online credit until this maximum limit is reached.
  • Notarial certification service for vehicle documentation. takes care of this process
  • Personalized ITV appointments service. If during the life of the loan the car has to perform the technical inspection of vehicles, facilitates the reservation of necessary appointment
  • Customized customer area On the website, all customers can find personalized information on the amount of credit for the car, debt repayments, ITV appointments , etc.
  • Ease of payment by card
  • Flexibility to choose the date of payment of the monthly fee
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Reasons to request Loans Sun, 20 Jan 2019 17:17:13 +0000 To be able to ask for loan, you just have to fulfill the following terms.

credits cofidis

  • Be over 18 and under 75
  • Your legal residence has to be in Spain.
  • You have to have a bank account.
  • Have a fixed income every month from which you can discount the fee.
  • Do not have previous pending payments.

As you can see, the requirements are nothing special. Any company could ask for them when financing a purchase. So, asking for extra money for an unforeseen event is not difficult to achieve.

How the loan is contracted and returned

We tell you now what are the steps you should follow when hiring a loan with our company. By the way, on your website you can do it.

  • On the homepage, write down the amount of money you will need and when you want to finish returning it by entering the monthly payment. The same web simulator of the company will help you do it.
  • In the next screen you will be able to complete a form in which you will be asked for your personal and banking information.
  • In just two minutes the company itself responds to your request and will tell you if you are willing, or not, to have the credit.
  • Then, if the loan is accepted, you will receive a document by email that you will have to sign and forward to the company.
  • In 24 hours you will have the money in your account.

So fast and simple. By telephone, the steps are more or less the same only, that instead of writing the data, you will dictate them to the agent in question. our company will deduct from your checking account every month the amount that has been assigned. You should know that their interests are among the lowest in the market and may vary depending on the money you ask for and the time in which you will return it. Even so, we give you some examples so you can get an idea:

  • For 500 euros with a return of 13 months, you will have to pay a total of 562.47 euros with a monthly fee of 45 euros. That is, the total money left by the company is 62.47 euros.
  • For a loan of 3000 euros to 26 months, the monthly fee will be 150 euros and the total payment will be 3760.09 euros.
  • And, a final example, with a maximum of 4000 euros and a term of 41 months, you will have a monthly fee of 140 euros and a total payment of 5703.12 euros.
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Loans Without Envelope Pay Sat, 19 Jan 2019 16:33:46 +0000 How can I have loans without a paycheck ? What are the best offers for personal loans?

 Ways to get loan without pay :

It is possible to have small loans without paychecks , as you can read below.
In a historical period of severe economic crisis like this, having a steady job , stable and documented by a paycheck , is not so simple, especially for people under 40 and then getting a loan has become more and more complicated.
Now the world of work has totally changed compared to just 10 years ago.
If someone can find a job, in the vast majority of cases is a part-time job, fixed-term, for small contracts, perhaps paid with vouchers, or even in black, so obtaining a loan is difficult if you do not have a paycheck, but not impossible.

More and more people need funding without guarantees

Banks once earned on loans, so the more loans they made, the more they earned, the more the employees were able to make loan contracts, the more gratified they were.

Today everything is happening the opposite, the ancient role of ” banks that give credit “ and served as a ‘flywheel of the economy’ is slowly fading, as now a listed bank, must have less possible suffering in order to have a solid balance and attractive to investors; in practice, the European banks, after the recent treaties, are transforming their nature from banks to savings managers .

Obviously, even today the Banks lend money , but only and exclusively to those who can provide him with solid guarantees .

This is the main reason why having a payday loan today is not so simple today, even if not all banks use the same criteria for making a loan .

Ways to get loan without pay :

Loan by rent and tax return

For atypical workers , or those who have an entry without having a job, such as homeowners who have the income of a rent , the bank can grant a loan.
Better if the borrower is a good bank customer , (sometimes this is essential) so that the bank can check the various movements in his checking account and verify that the income is real.

Loan through a surety , ie to have a guarantor of your debt:

This is one of the oldest and most known methods for obtaining a loan. Finding a relative, a friend or an employer who guarantees for Us, if we are serious people is not so difficult, and the Bank will be able to refer to him if we do not pay the debt.

Loan with mortgage on a property owned.

Alternatively, you can request a loan through a mortgage on a property owned.

Funding is not always granted , despite these guarantees

In all these cases, the Bank or the finance company that makes loans, can still deny the loan for its own company policies.

Changed :

This is a form of loan that went ‘in fashion’ until a few years ago, but that now not all banks do.

These are online loans , which in many cases claim to prove a severance pay, therefore not suitable for people who are not working, but which can include those temporary workers who do not have a paycheck that shows that they work indefinitely.

If the loans that have been changed can therefore help those who do not have a permanent job, for example foreign citizens who have recently worked in Italy, are not convenient, because they have a very high interest rate.

For bad payers without assignment of the fifth :

One of the biggest problems for a person who wants a loan is to be a bad payer.

A bad payer is that debtor who has not paid any installments of the debt or has skipped payment of some bills. When a debtor does not pay any installments, the creditor reports it to a national agency and this immediately becomes a ‘bad payer’.

To take a loan, a bad payer has to get a loan that has been changed. A private loan is one of the few ways to get money. The changed loan, as written above, is a way

Revolving cards a solution to get a payday loan

The revolving cards are real credit cards , which are given at the request of the client (read: Personal with Postepay )

They had a huge spread after the years 2000, but they have particularly high interests and being still a risky product for the bank, they are no longer delivered with the ease of a few years ago.

The loan of a revolving card is repaid in installments , the credit that made us available, can be used by making purchases or directly withdrawing cash at the enabled ATMs. However, it must be taken into account that the expenses for a revolving card are not only those of the interest payable on the debt, but also:

Commissions for any fuel refueling.

Commissions for withdrawals made at ATMs.

There are expenses for compulsory annual insurance (which the bank needs if you do not pay the debt).

Additional expenses, are those that have to be paid for sending the bank the statement of account of each specific revolving card.

Loans without paychecks to whom they are addressed:

Can I have a loan without a paycheck? Who can have a loan without a paycheck?

  • Unemployed .
  • Retired people .
  • Protested ( bad payers ).
  • Precarious .
  • Atypical workers .
  • Professionals .
  • Housewives .
  • Students .

Yes, all these categories of people, I can have personalized loans, just choose the right way and the right bank. We remember that banks can be regulated differently, both for their own business needs, and they can make huge differences if the customer who asks for a loan is an old account holder or a complete stranger.

Many do not know this, but even bank account holders today have their own ‘rating’ , calculated on the basis of the money they invested in the Bank, the fact whether they have had loans or have them in progress, based on their they have become extinct or have had difficulty returning with the loan or if they are protested or are bad payers .

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Redeem loans Sun, 06 Jan 2019 16:47:06 +0000 You can do virtually anything online here financially. So you no longer have to go to countless banks, looking for the cheapest loan.


Why change a loan?

Crossing a loan from one provider to another, that can save you a lot in both the short and the longer term. And do not be mistaken, the total benefit can go up to thousands of euros. A loan transfer is done in the first place to borrow money elsewhere at more favorable interest rates. Some people, however, lose the overview because they have taken out all sorts of small loans and sometimes with different providers. Maybe that situation is familiar to you? It is impossible then to keep a good administration. You can bundle all those smaller loans into one large, well-organized loan. With higher loan amounts you can always borrow money at lower interest rates. And you keep the overview.

Which loans can you transfer?

In fact, you can place virtually all types of loans elsewhere and therefore borrow money on more favorable terms and lower interest rates. There is one exception, however, and that is the mortgage. Of course you can transfer a mortgage at any time, but the transfer costs are not limited. You will then have to pay a hefty fine to your current mortgage lender. Putting a mortgage somewhere else is therefore usually not the best solution. Unless your fixed-rate period has expired. Then you can pay many thousands of euros! Loans that can be transferred much easier to another provider are:

  • the personal loan;
  • the revolving credit;
  • a credit card debt;
  • overdraft with the bank (credit on payment account);
  • mail order credits 
  • sometimes also private lease and / or hire purchase.

Connect your loan (s) at the right time

You probably want to have a loan or credit because it has become too expensive. That is why it is wise to take all the time for the transfer. Let yourself be well informed about the possibilities, the advantages, but also the disadvantages. The timing is important! Always transfer your overpriced financing at the right time. You then borrow cheaper money at the right time. How can you handle the very best? We advise you to check the current interest rates on on a daily basis. It is even better to request an advisory interview from a bank that you prefer. Ask them what they expect the interest rates to do. Are interest rates rising? Or is it expected that interest rates will fall? Never take a decision in a hurry. Close a cheap loan at the right time!

Putting an existing loan somewhere else and calculating monthly payments

Calculate your monthly costs for a new loan online via Do not just pay attention to the level of interest rates, but also check what the APR is. This is the annual percentage percentage. With some credit providers you are obliged to take out a life insurance policy or to advise you on this. The costs are processed in the APR.

Below you can read more about calculating your new loan. Your net income largely determines the costs of your new loan. Keep this information handy when calculating. The level of the interest rate also depends on factors such as your living situation, the income of your partner, the number of children living at home and, of course, the amount of the loan amount.

Transfer your personal loan or revolving credit in 3 steps

With most banks, you have to go through the 3 steps below to be able to transfer an existing loan, such as a revolving credit or personal loan. You also use these steps if you want to combine several expensive loans into one cheap loan.

Step 1: Enter data
Enter the details for the quotation request on the bank’s website. Some banks also have a special ‘loan transfer form’ available for this purpose. The bank in question will review your application and let you know if you are eligible for a transfer. They then send you a quote.

Step 2: Sign the offer for loan transfer
Did you receive a loan offer? Then take it through thoroughly! You now pay too much for your current credit (s) and of course you want to take out cheaper, reliable financing. Compare your current APR with the APR of the new provider. If you agree with the new loan offer, you will return it signed. Add any documents. Often you can also handle the loan request online.

Step 3: They will take over your loan (s)
You do not have to transfer your current loan or credit yourself. The bank does this for you. Of course, you must provide all the necessary data and documents on time and in full.

Do you want to repay a personal loan without penalty?

Note: When you transfer a personal loan you must take extra costs into account. These loans can not always be paid without penalty. This can vary per provider. That is also a good point to take into account when taking out a personal loan with a new provider … In your agreement you can read whether you can pay off without penalty or not. Credit providers who do charge a fine have to abide by the law.

Dutch law stipulates that a fine may not exceed a maximum of 1 percent of the amount that is repaid faster. Do you still have a loan amount of € 20,000 open? Then a maximum fine of € 200 may apply. But if all goes well, you will receive that amount within a few months, because of course you only take out a loan if it has a more favorable interest.

Credit transfer free of charge

All revolving credits (also credit card debts and overdrafts) can be transferred free of charge. Therefore, to pay an expensive revolving credit is always immediately worthwhile.

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Long term loans Sat, 05 Jan 2019 14:03:47 +0000 Do you need money at the moment, or are you looking for a loan for the long term?

 Borrow money: which loan forms are there?

The moment you want to borrow money, it is of course important to first be well aware of the various forms of lending you can choose from. Each of these forms of lending is interesting for one or more specific financing needs. For example, if you need money in the short term (for example within a few days), a mini loan will appeal to you more than, for example, a personal loan. For long-term financing, however, you can nevertheless prefer a mortgage loan or revolving credit. Below we will briefly explain each of the loan forms. You can also consult the special information pages to obtain more information about a loan form.


A mini loan (also called ‘mini credit’) is ideal for people who need money in the short term. Do you, for example, need a sum of money within a few days or even a number of hours? Then a mini loan can in most cases offer a solution for borrowing money. The mini loan is characterized by fast delivery, fast repayment and a high interest rate. With most lenders you must repay the loan within 15 or 30 days. In addition, the interest rate is often quite high, on average around 7% to 10% per month.

To borrow up to a maximum amount of + – € 600

Mini-loans are often used to bridge the period between an expense and income, for example if the pay-out of your wage is delayed. A mini loan can be concluded with an amount of approximately € 600 for most lenders. In addition, most lenders (who are often located abroad) often do not take too much account of the AFM’s rules. For example, most providers of mini-loans do not carry out BKR checks for (new) customers. Customers are therefore not assessed on creditworthiness, which can ultimately be a risk for the borrower. 

Personal loan

The personal loan is the best known loan form for borrowing money. The personal loan is ideal for people who know in advance how much money they want to borrow. With a personal loan it is therefore not possible to increase or reduce the loan amount in the meantime, for which a new loan must be taken out. The repayment and payment of the interest for the loan is done according to fixed guidelines, it also gives you certainty over a longer period.

Duration of 1 to 2 years

The term of a personal loan is usually about 1 to 2 years, depending on your personal wishes you can often discuss with the lender what is the best option for you. The personal loan is often closed for buying a car, therefore it is also sometimes called a car loan. You can of course also use the personal loan to finance household electronics, such as a new washing machine.

Low interest rate, fixed percentage

The interest on a personal loan is considerably lower than for example with a mini loan, which is why this is also an advantageous way of borrowing money. The main reason for this is that a personal loan can only be taken out with a reliable lender, which also assesses in advance whether you can actually actually repay the amount (BKR check). In the Netherlands there is therefore no (with the AFM) lender who does not perform BKR checks when providing a personal loan.

Features of the personal loan

The personal loan is characterized by a fixed interest rate over the entire period. The amount of repayment is also fixed in advance in a contract. Finally, the personal loan is characterized by the (relatively) long term. Amounts that you pay off at the personal loan can not be withdrawn prematurely, in contrast to a revolving credit. 

Revolving credit

The ongoing credit is becoming increasingly popular for borrowing money. The revolving credit is a flexible form of loan, where you can withdraw repaid amounts later. You only pay the interest on the amount that you have actually included in the revolving credit. The revolving credit is regularly used to finance renovations, in which it is not yet clear what the final loan amount will be.

Continuous credit as a start-up loan

The revolving credit is also often used as a ‘start-up loan’, because often large expenses have to be made during this period. The ongoing credit ensures that you have money at hand at all times. When a credit is taken out, the lender will always carry out a BKR check. In addition, your creditworthiness will be checked with payslips.

Characteristics of the revolving credit

The revolving credit is characterized by a (relatively) long term, usually of a few years. In addition, the level of interest on the loan is also variable during the term. With the revolving credit, borrowers have the choice when they redeem. Of course, it is advantageous for the borrower to repay borrowed amounts as quickly as possible, because only interest has to be paid on amounts withdrawn from this method of borrowing money. You are required to pay the interest you owe each month, but you are not obliged to pay off each month. 

Mortgage loan

The mortgage loan is pre-eminently the best form of loan for financing real estate. When you take out a mortgage loan (often also called ‘mortgage’) you give the lender an extra security, because you give your property as ‘collateral’. By doing so, you give the mortgage lender the opportunity to sell the property in case of non-payment on your part. Calculating your mortgage is one of the most important steps in taking out a mortgage loan. Finally, you can then see for which amount you can take out a loan and under what conditions.

Period of 30 low, flexible interest rates

The mortgage loan is the longest loan form we have in the Netherlands. On average, this loan is taken out for a period of 30 years. You can choose to fix the interest rate for a long period so that you know for sure what amount of interest you will pay over the period. Depending on your mortgage type, an amount must also be paid monthly. Almost everyone who buys a house in the Netherlands chooses to take out a mortgage loan. The interest that you have to pay on this loan can be deducted from your income by means of the ‘mortgage interest deduction’ scheme of the tax authorities. This means that you do not have to pay less tax. The moment you sell your property, you can repay your mortgage at the lender in one go.

Take out a mortgage loan

Taking out a mortgage loan is a lengthy process, which involves various discussions with mortgage advisors and an extensive credit assessment.

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Mini loan without bank statement and BKR check Sun, 30 Dec 2018 14:17:11 +0000 Do you want a mini loan without bank statement and BKR check? Apply for a loan and you will find out!

 Mini loan without bank statement and BKR?

Do you want to borrow money quickly within 10 minutes without BKR whining? Request a short-term loan without BKR now! Do you want money on your account today and do you need money today? Look, choose and close NOW! The perfect solution, even if you want to borrow more, such as 1000 euros, 1500 euros or 2000 euros within 10 minutes!

Mini loan without bank statement and BKR?

With a mini loan you always have to supply a number of standard items. A copy of your identity, a pay slip and a copy bank statement. It may be that you do not have all this data at your disposal, but still want to take out a loan. For example, in case you do not have a bank statement. Not everyone receives a paper bank statement with the mail. What you can do is make a screenshot of your internet banking. This also applies as proof that you are an account holder. Another way to solve this is to ask someone you know to apply for the loan. You then mutually agree that you pay that person the loan on time.

Mini loan without bank statement and BKR review

The BKR assessment: often mentioned, not very popular. In the case of a mini-loan, no BKR assessment is performed by default. That is quite unique, because with every other form of credit a BKR assessment is done. It is clear that the lack of a review at the BKR increases your chances of a loan, especially if you have been given a spot on the BKR blacklist.

Opening times for the mini loan without bank statement and BKR?

The concept of opening hours is really out of date. You can submit an online request for a loan every minute of every day in the week. As soon as the employees are back to work, your application will be inspected. Incidentally, you can also reach the very best mini-loan providers on the weekend (Saturday), which is useful if you have questions or do not come up with them.

Is a mini loan without bank statement and BKR assessment suitable if you want to borrow larger amounts?

The mini-loan is known to be suitable for small amounts. You can borrow up to about seven hundred and fifty and one thousand euros per provider. Do you need more than this amount, then you have 2 alternatives. The first is to take out a loan from various mini-loan providers. If that does not work, you can try to ask for help from acquaintances and ask them to request a mini loan for you. So if you need 1500 euros, you can take out 2 mini exercises.

Tips for closing a mini-loan

Always check the loan conditions on the website per provider. Only lend if you are 100% certain that your loan can be repaid in accordance with the term.

Ok, I’ve read enough: give me a loan NOW! Look here and choose your loan!

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Personal loans designed for you Thu, 27 Dec 2018 16:42:52 +0000 Today we want to talk to you about our line of personal loans . Unlike traditional banking, we do not ask what the money will be used for.

 Why should you bet on our personal loans ?

Our experts know that whenever a personal loan is requested, they will use something important for the client. Therefore, we decided to spend that time to see what is the best way for the customer to be able to return the amount, the deadlines and the monthly amount without the client living asphyxiated. At us , we are clear that the important thing is people.

Fast-loan companies were not very popular in the years prior to 2008-2009 (that is, the period in which the economic crisis unfolded). From then on the credit began to weaken.

The citizens went to the banking entities with the aim of being able to request money to pay their debts (while these grew due to job insecurity, as well as to the globalized rise in prices). Against all odds, banks further tightened the conditions to access these loans, making only a lucky few could get hold of them.

The most illogical of all is that only people who had money could access them.

The citizen, helpless, had to look for alternative methods to get fast money to pay his debts. After the bank rejected them and the relatives did not have enough capital to proceed with the loan, they set their sights on the fast-track companies.

It is true that the fees paid for accessing these loans may be somewhat higher than what the bank will offer you. In return, we will receive the credit quickly, with a minimum level of requirements and with the maximum guarantees. As long as you have all these interests controlled, there will be no problem.

Why should you bet on our personal loans ?

We are very fast: in a very short time you will be able to know if we can grant you credit or not (in the same call). If the resolution is positive, we will indicate the documents that we will need to continue with the process. These documents will be minimal, very easy to obtain. Unlike banks, we will not send you to different administrations so you can do with them.

In the event that the return period approaches and you realize that you will not be able to comply with the deal on time, do not hesitate to contact us so we can see what we can do. We will try to offer you a fair deal until you can cover the debt.

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