Can you take out a mortgage despite a new loan system for students?


If you have a student loan, you must repay a part of it on a monthly basis.

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How much you have to pay per month depends on the level of your income. For example, you do not have to pay back at a low income for the time being. However, the student debt remains and you have to start paying off sooner or later.

Borrow money for a home despite debt study?

If you want to buy a property in the future, you obviously want to know if that can also be done with a study debt. Let’s go straight to the door: Yes, it is possible to take out a mortgage with student debts. You do have to report this debt honestly to the bank. You might be able to borrow just a bit less for a home with such a debt. You can read more about taking out a mortgage despite a debt below. We will also go deeper into the new loan system and the possible consequences if you want to take out a loan.

Close study debt and mortgage

Almost everyone who has a student debt can simply take out a mortgage. You probably too. What we have to report is that with such a loan you probably can not borrow up to 100% of the valued value of a home. You may need to supplement the mortgage yourself with a little equity and a starters’ mortgage .

Starter loan for former students

However, many municipalities in the Netherlands also provide so-called ‘start-up loans‘. With this extra loan you must be able to supplement the difference between the amount of the maximum mortgage and the purchase price of the property in question.

More Dutch people with debts after studying through new loan system

More and more Dutch people are building up a study debt due to a new loan system. With this new loan system, the basic grant is also converted into a loan. The new loan system also increases the average debt among home buyers. As a result, more and more Dutch people have to invest a piece of equity in their first home. If you fall under this new system, you may be able to borrow slightly less money than former students who still received a basic grant as a gift from the government.

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