Announcement: NIDA announces 2022 scholarships


IDA continues its commitment to student accessibility and inclusion with an expanded roster now offering more than $ 600,000 in scholarships in its courses for 2022, with applications ending October 29.

The incredible support from donors, corporate partners, trusts and foundations, as well as bequests through the NIDA Foundation Trust has enabled a significant increase in scholarships for the next year. These scholarships will provide students from diverse backgrounds and regions the opportunity to study at NIDA while being relieved of some of the burden of living and study costs.

NIDA CEO Liz Hughes said, “These exciting scholarship opportunities help talented individuals undertake intensive study at NIDA by removing financial barriers. Our aim is to support courageous and inventive storytellers who are representative of the diversity of contemporary Australia. These scholarships will enable talented creatives to develop their voice and skills and be able to thrive in the arts, culture and creative industries. We sincerely thank all of our donors and supporters for their support of NIDA and the arts community. ‘

The Chrysanthe and Tessa Mallos Memorial Scholarships: A Bequest from Mother, Chrysanthe and Daughter, NIDA Alumnus Tessa Mallos (1962, Acting) Administered by Chapter Arete No.3 of the Order of Daughters of Penelope of the Australian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) which promotes the Australian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) Hellenic ideals of education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, family and individuals.

Tessa Mallos was a well-respected actress and longtime activist. From an early age, she showed acting talent and love for the theater. His mother Chrysanthe defended his career and made costumes for his first performances. In their later years, they attended a multitude of film screenings and theatrical productions, while becoming involved in political and community affairs.

NIDA scholarships include:

Chrysanthe and Tessa Mallos Memorial Scholarships:
BFA student of Hellenic origin in financial need ($ 50,000 over 3 years).
BFA student of Aboriginal origin with financial needs ($ 50,000 over 3 years).
MFA student (Direction) experiencing financial needs ($ 25,000 over 15 months).
Student in MFA (Writing for Performance) experiencing financial needs ($ 25,000 over 15 months).

NIDA is grateful to Mr. Tim Fairfax AC, for his generous support of the NIDA scholarships. He plays an active leadership role in promoting philanthropy in Australia with a keen interest in theater. He is passionate about supporting rural, remote and regional communities, especially students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

Tim Fairfax AC Scholarships:
BFA (Interim) for a student who lives in a region or in a remote region and who has financial needs ($ 45,000 over 3 years).
Student in MFA (Direction) who identifies as native or of cultural and linguistic diversity (CALD), ($ 15,000 over 15 months).

The Balnaves Foundation is a private philanthropic organization created in 2006 by Neil Balnaves AO. The Foundation generously donated over $ 500,000 as the primary patron of NIDA’s First Nations program.

The Balnaves Foundation First Nations scholarship program:
BFA First Nations student with financial needs ($ 90,000 over 3 years). This scholarship program also includes additional support including mentoring, return travel if needed, in-country experience, and a 6-month paid internship in the industry after graduation.

Ed Federman Scholarship: MFA (Writing for Performance) student who identifies as Indigenous or culturally and linguistically diverse. ($ 10,000 over 15 months).

YouTube scholarship: BFA student from a background historically under-represented in the stage and screen industry ($ 44,000 over 3 years).

Helen Dumbrell Scholarship: BFA student (interim) experiencing financial need ($ 30,000 over 3 years).

Luminis Foundation Indigenous Fellowship for Cultural Leadership: MFA Cultural Leadership for an Indigenous student ($ 15,000 over 30 months).

Technical Direction Enterprise Scholarship (TDC): Diploma in Technical Services for a student with financial need. ($ 15,000 over 1 year).

Additional scholarships for Indigenous students are also generously provided by ARA Group Limited, NIDA’s primary partner for goods and services.

NIDA is grateful for the support of loyal donors, trusts and foundations and corporate partners.

Learn more about NIDA scholarships:

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