Take out a mortgage loan

The mortgage loan is one of the better known loan forms in the Netherlands. Almost every Dutch person who has bought a house has also taken out a mortgage loan for this. With the mortgage loan you give the mortgage lender your house as collateral. When you can no longer pay the mortgage loan, the…

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Life is expensive … is a loan something for you?

Money. When we have it, it is delicious. When we miss it, it often gives us headaches.   The fact is that life is not cheap and that it will only become more expensive. Just think about what you have to pay to live a normal life: A mortgage or rent, a car and /…

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Loans: 5000 euros here with us

How is a loan requested from us? To be able to make the application you must be of legal age, reside in Spain, have an email account, a mobile phone number and be able to show that you have income with which to deal with the repayment of the loan. Step 1 : Enter your…

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